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I´m trying to reproduce a network of my city but, as you can see in the attached screen capture, at the time of join two nodes with pen tool I get a fatal crash. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.  Greetings.


P.S: We are working in demo mode.
CINEMA 4D version R17
in RealTraffic :: Traffic Simulator by

2 Answers

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Please use the built-in network editing functions. In your case simply select both nodes and choose "Create Lane Segment" from the network object attribute manager or select just the start node and choose "Create Lane Segment" from the node object attribute manager. Then drag the newly created node to the one you want to connect to and choose "Weld Nodes".

RealTraffic currently doesn't support all C4D spline editing functions. E.g., all spline points have to be orderd from start to destination, so maybe this was the cause of the crash. We will try to find a fix for such issues.
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I cannot reproduce the issue. It seems, that there is s.th. else going wrong. At 00:08 in your video you see, that the spline you want to connect makes a loop in the moment you click. So the start point of that spline is not connected to the predecessor(?).

Since the spline network is watched by the network object, it is a good idea to avoid problems by NOT working on the splines directly under the network object. So edit your splines outside of the network object and move it into afterwards. Or disable the lane tag while editing spline points.

As Manuel said, modifications like connections are best done with the built-in functions.