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Currently in my scene, I have a highway lane that splits at a node. After this node, one lane segment is a straightaway and continues to a traffic light. The second segment leads to an off ramp to the right and to a node that is part of a cross road. I have destination nodes set for both the traffic light node and the cross road node in my traffic volume.

When I run the simulation, 100% of the cars go straight and completely ignore the off ramp/cross road node. I cannot figure out what it is that I am doing wrong and what I must do to allow vehicles to go to both nodes after the split.
CINEMA 4D version r19
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1 Answer

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All vehicles have a built-in navigation system to find the best route to it's individual destination. If a volume object has e.g. 2 destination nodes, the destination is selected by random. Maybe in your scene is s.th. misaligned. Have you checked, that the route is free for your types of car?

I have set up a simple Y network, where you can see, that the traffic stream is devided approx. 50:50.


If that doesn't help, please contact the support team on c4dplugin.com/support
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Thank you for your help.

It turns out my problem lied in the fact that when I was creating my off ramp segment, I did not lock the nodes prior to adding a new lane segment to the cross road. I simply tried creating a new segment and then welding the new node to the existing node on the crossroad. The simulation would not recognize this lane segment for the traffic to navigate.

 From there, I had to split the lane at the "ramp" node and then it worked properly.
I meant lock the network, not the nodes, in the attributes panel.
The function "Optimize Network" may help also in such cases. It merges nodes, that are lying close together.