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Hey there,

we have a Floating License Server for R21, how is the setup possible with this ? As due to a Maxon subscription, we only have a maxon ID and no key.

Do I have to make a license file via R21(Tools-> Export) for EVERY machine we will use ? We have 7 licenses for Drive 2.0 and 15 Render Licenses.

CINEMA 4D version 21
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1 Answer

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Yes, since Maxon frequently changes license stuff (Maxon License Server with serial number, RLM without serial number,  Maxon License Server without serial number ...), we decided to switch to an independent license model, that uses the system id of the hardware for validation. So you have indeed to export/examine the systemids of the machines you want to use with the plugin. The advatage is, that this id won't change with future C4D versions, so you just have to do it one time, resp. when you change the hardware.

One license can be used on two systems, this is a concession to users running 2 computers, e.g. office and laptop.
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