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I want to buy the real traffic plugin but I have a question before making the purchase. Can I render the simulation on a team render with other computers that do not have a license for real traffic? I will simulate the scenes on the computer on which I will activate the real traffic license but I will render the scenes on a team render server with other computers in my network. Can this be done?
CINEMA 4D version r18
in RealTraffic :: Traffic Simulator by (120 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, network clients don't need a license. When it comes to render your project, you have to record the simulation to a keyframe animation to ensure an optimal synchronization.

Additionally, you can use a built-in function to remove all RealTraffic objects and tags. This results in a standard c4d animation project that you can render on any system without having the plugin installed, e.g. external render services.
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Thank you very much!