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On the very first model I am trying to un-triangulate with this plugin, I am running into issues. I was initially trying with the entire car mesh, but currently, I'm focusing on a single door panel and trying to just get that to un-triangulate right. I've checked that all of the vertices are connected, nothing weird going on with the face direction, etc, and this is a model that definitely looks to be a Sub-D mesh and not one using booleans for example.

Here is the original wireframe:

Here is what Quadrangler gives me:

and here is what the default untriangulate modifier in Blender gives me - a better result than Quadrangler is, but still far from subdividable

Do you have any ideas? Here is a link to the .FBX so you can test it out. Thank you for your assistance.
CINEMA 4D version R23
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2 Answers

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The mesh is NOT that clean as it looks like from quite far away:

Such small unclean parts can bring the algorithm out of rhythm and lead to unexpected results.

Is there the same problem with the other door (assuming there is no fuel filler pipe)? Or other car parts?
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Hi, yes, there is the same problem.

I set the entire model to Flat shading, and it looks like all of what should be quads are, for some reason, non-planar. I think there is nothing I can do with this model, that's okay.
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you're right, the mesh looks like a clean mesh and should be successfully processed by Quadrangler. Maybe a former optimization has slightly damaged the mesh, i.e. places, where the shape converge, may have produced points very close to another and thus have been merged in a certain modelling step. I will take a look at the fbx later.
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I think some kind of compression or optimization made this mesh not very clean, perhaps it is unusable to untriangulate and subdivide unfortunately.