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I've been trying out realtraffic, and specifically an FBX export of my baked/recorded setup out of C4D. The traffic lights are driven towards a visibility tag. Can this be configured to something else? My issue is that I can't export baked visibility animation keyframes using FBX.
Could one imagine to drive the traffic light with another value, for example object scale, or a light switch, even just a boolean value in xpresso? Or is there another way of solving this?

CINEMA 4D version R25
in RealTraffic :: Traffic Simulator by (190 points)

1 Answer

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The traffic lights (and also the brake lights and indicators on vehicles) are not necessarily be controlled by Display tags. You can also assign a light object, in this case the brightness is controlled. The simpliest option is switching the lights by the render visibility and/or editor visibility. Certainly this makes fading impossible since it's just a switcher (boolean).

I don't know, whether FBX can transport one of these alternatives.
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Thanks for this. The only way for me to export this properly to Unity is using an animated scale value. To switch it on, I use a scale of 1, to switch it off, a value of 0. Then it's baked into the FBX animation tracks. There will be no fading. How can I drive the scale of an object (brake light for example) through the realtraffic "brake light" component then? Thanks!