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Since it is simulation (physics) based i coul'dn't come up with a way to make a car drift over a long curve.

Is there any chance you guys can make a video tutorial on how to make a car drift?
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2 Answers

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With DRIVE! 1.6 you now have access to the interface that is normally used by DirectControl. I have uploaded a simple scene file, that uses XPresso to control the throttle according to the current steering. The less the steering, the higher the throttle. You may play around with these parameters and the amount of grip of the route.
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yes, that's quite difficult using the command objects, because you need to control the car in every second depending on it's actual behavior. You can do it with a game controller and DirectControl, if you're working on Windows. You can then drive the car like in a game.

It helps, reducing the grip and increasing the torque of the car. And moving the center of gravity to the front by moving the engine to the front.

I'm thinking about a coffee script that controls the throttle depending on the current steering. I'll come back then.