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I'm trying to rig an old Mercedes F1 car, the 1954-1955 W196, using DRIVE!. I found some specifications about the model (Gear ratio, weight, Max speed, Final Drive), but I admittedly don't know much about cars. I can't find its Max Torque or the Torque curve online. Also, I'm not sure what is typical for an F1 car from the 1950s for the other specifications.

Do my settings all make sense for this car?

CINEMA 4D version R17.048
in DRIVE! :: Car Simulation by

1 Answer

0 votes
If the car has wings, you should increase the downforce values in the Aerodynamic section. I can't tell you value, you have to play around with it.

The max torque value only gives the value range for the curve. In the table, the torque is given with 247 Nm. That's pretty low. Usually, old cars have a torque curve, where the max. torque is only available at the given rpm (in this case 6300). Before and after that peak the curve is lower. Your curve should work. If the car accelerates too fast, you may lower the values before the peak.