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0 votes
How do I collide my car rig with an object that gets pushed out of the way. So it slowes the car down on impact, but doesn't necessarily put it to a 100% stop, like the crash boxes do.
CINEMA 4D version R 17
in CRASHBOX :: Collision Add-on by

1 Answer

0 votes
there is no direct way to realize that.

The force working on the object can be routed to the force input of a rigid body tag of Dynamics. This way, the object reacts within the Dynamics simulation. A sample project file can be downloaded from the c4dplugin.com download page. Be sure to update your CRASHBOX plugin, since there was a bug in the data output.

As an alternative, you may put a rigid body object into the car body working as a Dynamics collision object. This would certainly not slow down the car, so it would be suitable for very light objects only.
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