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I have a basic three lane highway setup with each lane's velocity being 60-80 km/h - which is mostly working how I'd like - but the voluntary lane changes the vehicles make seem a little too harsh and abrupt. They turn their wheels too far and it looks unnatural at that speed.

Is it possible to make the automatic lane changes happen slower so cars drift across lanes rather than hard turn into them?
CINEMA 4D version 19
in RealTraffic :: Traffic Simulator by (920 points)

2 Answers

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We actually have this issue already on our todo list. The possible paths for lane changes are calculated when the network is initialized at simulation start. Currently, the lane change curves work quite good for city traffic, but you're right, they are maybe too short for highways. I think, a solution will be implemented in the next update.
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This was a bug, that is fixed now in the latest version 1.21.3. Additionally a length controller was built in, that can be used to globally make lane changes sharper or smoother.
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Could this be made even slower? The maximum of 200% is still too small in my case.
We have set it to 400 % in the current release.