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0 votes
Any plans on adding Tracks functionality to wheels added by X-Wheels? I can probably solve it with some tracer objects and XPresso but it would be really nice to have it included.
CINEMA 4D version R25
in X-Wheels :: Wheel Extension by (140 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Tracks functionality is already built-in! Please read the manual. You'll find an example of a tracked tank on https://c4dplugin.com/downloads-scene-dr
by (2.7k points)
Sorry, I was unclear. I was talking about the Tracks functionality (Vehicle/Output/Tracks) that lays down splines to sweep. :-)

I'm working on a 5-axle chassis with 3 steering axels and I thought that Tracks would be a good way to illustrate the path of each wheel through a turn. With reverse steering (brilliant function!) on the last axle, you get a pretty interesting pattern. But not to worry - I can put tracer objects in the Wheel containers as a workaround.
You should not use the rear axle steering option in your case but use the "steerable" option in X-Wheels. The tracks-objects have unfortunately to be assigned manually. Just use copies of the main wheel track objects.

For me, everything works perfect: https://heyne.co/transfer/tracks-with-3-axles.png