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DirectControl is not compatible with the 3D mouse from 3d conexion. When plugged in direct control will not respond to the Joystick anymore.

The 3D Connection driver seems to act as a game controller as well. And DirectControl only looks for the first game controller in the system. Any work around known for this probblem?

Would be great if the tag of the plugin would allow to select the game controller it should use from a list of game controllers connected to the system.
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2 Answers

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We will extend the plug-in by a selection of connected devices with the next update.
Great :)

Maybe we than could have more than one DirectControl Tag in a C4D tree and can use more than one game controller at once - e.g. to drive two cars independently with two game controllers... :)
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We have released a quick fix for the problem. The latest update reads the preferred controller from the file "directcontrol.ini" that you find in the user preferences folder after the first run. The file is a simple text file consisting of only one line, where you can put the name of the controller you want to use:

USE_CONTROLLER=my favorite game controller

Since DirectControl is not very popular, we currently are not willing to inverst too much work.