New Version of the Car Rig Helper Tool

The popular 1-click tool, which automatically generates the individual components required for each car rig from a car model, is now available in version 1.20. This offers some improvements in object recognition and can handle any nested hierarchies. The camber of the wheels is determined from the geometry and the object axis is realigned so that DRIVE can adopt the camber angles into the chassis settings.

The tool is a big help for vehicle setups with DRIVE and RealTraffic.


Compatibility with Cinema 4D R23

Our plugins are now all compatible with Cinema 4D R23 and can be downloaded free of charge by registered users in the customer area.


Update: RealTraffic 1.5 released

The tangents of the node objects of the road network can now be edited numerically in the Attribute Manager.

The nodes can now also be inclined horizontally so that the route gets a banking. This not only enables steep curves to be implemented, the driving line can also e.g. better adapted to the course of old country roads.

With this update, RealTraffic is now also compatible with Cinema 4D R23. In return, we have stopped the further development for Cinema 4D R19 or lower.

The update is free for registered users. Users of C4D R20 to R22 can install the update directly from Cinema 4D via the attribute manager of the traffic simulation object. For C4D R23, the complete package can be downloaded from the customer area.


New Payment Methods

We have set up our shop for new payment methods. In addition to PayPal, we now support credit card payments and SEPA direct debits.


New DRIVE! Video Tutorial

Electric cars are coming! Time to record a new tutorial that shows how you can also animate electric drives with our simulation plugin DRIVE!. In the new tutorial, we create a setup for the Jaguar I-Pace and compare the performance of the virtual car with the manufacturer's data on a short acceleration track.


New Service: Vehicle Rigging

Do you have a cool animation job, but as usual not much time for rigging? Our new service relieves you of this sometimes annoying and time-consuming work and you can get started with the design and the storyboard right away! We only need your vehicle model and your wishes regarding the rig. You only need our plugin DRIVE! resp. RealTraffic. Request a quote now!