Update: DRIVE! 2.01 released

In addition to a few minor bug fixes, the current update offers improvements in working with speed points on routes and a Cruise Control option for uses where exact driving speed has top priority.

Users of DRIVE! 2.0 can install (as of R20) resp. download the update directly via the user interface of DRIVE!. Alternatively, the software can be downloaded in the customer area.


Cinema 4D R20

Our commercial plugins are now available in new versions adapted to the latest Cinema 4D R20. It is recommended that plugins are no longer be installed in the program directory, but either in the Cinema 4D preferences directory or in any folder that can be specified as an additional plugin directory as of R20. For this reason, among other things, we no longer offer installers; You can simply copy the software to one of the directories mentioned above. Instructions are included with every software package.

Registered users can download the new versions in the customer area.


DRIVE! 2.0 released!

In addition to many improvements in detail version 2.0 comes again with a lot of new features. Simulation and animation merge with the new Morph feature. The simulated vehicle can be softly forced onto the movements of another object to realize spectacular, perhaps physically impossible moves. The simulation now provides data about the tyre temperature. These data can be mapped to vertex maps to control textures or particle emitters. A new command object now allows lane changes. So overtaking maneuvers or branches can be realized. The collision calculations with the ground now include the underbody, so an off-roader can sit on a hilltop or a race car can stuck in the gravel.


Update: RealTraffic 1.2 released

Bicycles and Motorcycles enrich the traffic scene. Two-wheelers lean in curves, the angle of inclination being calculated from the speed and the radius of the curve. As with all vehicle types, it is possible to individually activate lanes, for example to define bikeways.

Polygon objects can still be replaced by instance objects when vehicles are cloned during the simulation in order to save memory space. In addition, these instances can now also be declared as render instances.

Additionally the update involves some bugfixes and improvements in detail.


New DRIVE! Video Tutorial

Due to many requests for a basic tutorial for DRIVE! we have released a new quickstart tutorial. The video tutorial starts with a freshly downloaded model and ends with a simple animation. All important steps such as the rigging, the vehicle parameters and the control of the car are treated.


RealTraffic 1.0 released!

The traffic simulation for CINEMA 4D

Easily create realistic traffic scenes. Splines can be used to create any complex road networks. Special objects manage the traffic flow and control the light signals from traffic lights. Cars, trucks, buses or trams can be created and configured with just a few clicks.

The software implements the Intelligent Driver Model (IDM), developed by the TU Dresden, which simulates human-like driving behavior.

RealTraffic is optimized for realistic-looking traffic scenes, which can be created with little effort. Freely available resources such as road networks and vehicles helps easily getting started.

Test now RealTraffic with the 30-day demo!