DirectControl Update

Our game controller plugin has got some bug fixes and is now available for download in our customer area for users of C4D R21 or higher.


Compatibility with Apple M1 chips

Good news for Mac users: Our plugins are now compatible with the new Apple M1 chips. Cinema 4D R25 is required.

Registered users can download the updates free of charge in the customer area.


Quadrangler 1.4 released

Again there is an update for Quadrangler. After a new algorithm for the un-triangulation was implemented in the last version, our developers have taken on the un-subdivision this time. The result is a robust algorithm that can now handle many more polygon structures than the previous version. Subdivisions with up to 4 iterations can also be reversed with Quadrangler.

In addition, the new version has been equipped with an online updater so you cannot miss the next version!

As always, the update can be downloaded free of charge for registered users in the customer area.


SplinePatch Update

The update provides an elementary improvement in the calculation of the spline intersections. The accuracy can now be set with the new scaling parameter.

The update is free for registered users and can be installed directly from Cinema 4D or be downloaded in the customer area.


The NLinShader is back!

The COFFEE plug-in developed by Frank Plohmann in 2003 was unfortunately only compatible up to C4D R19, as MAXON no longer supports the COFFEE scripting language since release 20. The simple but ingenious tool renders geometry to a normal map, which can be used directly in the normal channel of a material to create detailed surface structures without increasing the number of polygons of the object.

We were able to find the author and were thankfully given the original COFFEE source code. We have used it to produce a native plug-in for all current C4D versions from R21.

The tool can be downloaded for free in the freebie area!


New DRIVE! Video

By chance I came across pictures of the fully electric concept car Mercedes-Maybach 6 from 2016 on the Internet. I really wanted to set this impressive, extravagant vehicle in scene. It should be an animation in which the million dollar thing is really beaten over a racetrack! The first attempts were a bit disappointing, because thanks to its all-wheel drive, the car always stayed on the driving line and tended to understeer. But after putting the drive on the rear axle alone, more dynamics came into play ...


New Animation Project

In order to test our new rendering software and to explore the interaction between traffic simulation and individual vehicle simulation, we created a short animation film. Once again, our model from Barbarossaplatz in Cologne served as scenery, that we had to strongly spice up for the GPU renderer Octane. Our traffic simulation software RealTraffic should come into use again so that we could animate many vehicles with little effort. For the main actors, a fully electric Jaguar I-Pace and two police cars, we used our vehicle simulation DRIVE. We were also able to test how both simulations can interact, because the vehicles in the traffic flow that are not individually animated, had to react to the DRIVE vehicles, which of course didn't care about traffic rules.