DRIVE! 1.8 out now!

The new version provides new features, improvements and some bugfixes. The wheels of the rear axle can now be made steerable. The driving speed determines whether the wheels are turned parallel to the front wheels or in the opposite direction. The DRIVE! software can now be completely removed from the project with a click, in order to e.g. render in the cloud. The automatic setup now supports parametric objects.

The update is free for registered users.


RealTraffic 1.0 released!

The traffic simulation for CINEMA 4D

Easily create realistic traffic scenes. Splines can be used to create any complex road networks. Special objects manage the traffic flow and control the light signals from traffic lights. Cars, trucks, buses or trams can be created and configured with just a few clicks.

The software implements the Intelligent Driver Model (IDM), developed by the TU Dresden, which simulates human-like driving behavior.

RealTraffic is optimized for realistic-looking traffic scenes, which can be created with little effort. Freely available resources such as road networks and vehicles helps easily getting started.

Test now RealTraffic with the 30-day demo!


Car Rig Helper Tool as Christmas Gift

As a little Christmas gift, this year there is a 1-click-tool which automatically generates the individual components required for each car rig from a car model. The generated objects are ready to be used e.g. with the automatic setup of DRIVE!.