Car Rig Helper
Windows, macOS, Cinema R15-R21

The CarRigHelper is a simple 1-click tool that separates the wheels of a car model from the body. The wheels and the body are grouped and centered in a new object structure and can thus directly be used for instance with the automatic setup of the car simulation DRIVE.


STACX - Channel-Shader
Windows/MacOSX, Cinema 4D R13-R19

STACX integrates itself as a channel shader into the material system of CINEMA 4D. You can stack up to 32 shaders and define a certain thickness for each layer. In this way you will get a three-dimensional material that you can use like a volume shader.


Ground Tag Plugin
Windows/MacOSX, CINEMA 4D R11-R19

Ground is a small but useful tag plugin, that keeps your objects on the ground.