Vehicle Rigging Service

With this service, we offer to prepare your vehicle model for the simulation software DRIVE! or RealTraffic.

For the DRIVE! car simulation, all vehicle parameters of the chassis and the drive, can be entered according to the real model. If desired, the rigging includes suspension components such as springs and dampers as well as the steering mechanics. If you have the add-on X-Wheels, multi-axle vehicles as well as tracked vehicles can be processed.

Vehicles for the traffic simulation RealTraffic are only geometrically rigged, i.e. there is no simulation of driving physics here. However, two-wheelers and rail vehicles can be simulated in RealTraffic.

Prices start at

  € 41.18     $ 46.70  
(excl. VAT)

for the basic setup a simple car without special features. The actual price depends on the complexity of your model and your feature requests.

Please complete the form on the right and provide us with the model data of your vehicle as a ZIP-compressed file. You will then receive a concrete offer for rigging as soon as possible including time of delivery. Your data will not be used for any purpose other than the build of your set-up without your permission.

Your Data

The model data of the vehicle as ZIP compressed file up to max. 100 MB. If your file is bigger than 100 MB, please provide a download link.