X-Wheels 1.0

With X-Wheels you can equip your DRIVE! vehicles with up to 10 axes. The additional wheels are fully integrated into the simulation. Additionally, a tracked vehicle can be configured with a few mouse clicks.

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Multi-axle vehicles with X-Wheels

With the Add-On X-Wheels for the car simulation DRIVE! you can equip your vehicles with up to 10 axes (i.e. 20 wheels). The additional wheels adopt either all the properties of the standard front wheels or the standard rear wheels, such as the dimensions and the track width.

The additional wheels are fully integrated into the simulation. I.e., the springs and dampers of the suspension, the physical tire model and even the drive work as the standard wheels. Of course, skid marks and helix splines for the suspension can also be generated for the additional wheels.

The steering angle is automatically calculated proportionately based on the longitudinal positions of the additional axes, regardless of whether they adopt the properties of the front or rear wheels.

Tracked vehicles

Additionally, X-Wheels offers the ability to configure a tracked vehicle with a few mouse clicks. For this purpose, guide rollers and support rollers are additionally available to define almost any shape of tracks. As is usual in DRIVE!, all objects are automatically created and assigned by a mouse click and just need to be filled with visible objects.

Our video tutorial Simulation of A Tank with DRIVE! 1.5 and X-Wheels shows the setup for a tank step by step in detail, from the import of a 3D model to the test drive on terrain.

6-wheeler8-wheelertracked vehicle
System RequirementsWindows, macOS
Cinema 4D R13-R26, 2023
DRIVE! 2.0+
Price € 32.77    $ 37.16
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