CX 2.0

CX:// is a tool for creating animated web contents using CINEMA 4D. The plugin works like an object generator and exports your projects in the web standard HTML5/CSS3, that is supported by all modern browsers and mobile devices without any additional add-ons or plug-ins.

The new version 2.0 offers manifold capabilities for interactivity using styles and animated transitions, as well as new objects and display options.

System RequirementsWindows,macOS
Cinema 4D R13+
Price€ 38.00    $ 43.09
(incl. 16% VAT)
3D Animations on the Internet

The animations created by CX:// base entirely on the latest web standards HTML5/CSS3. Therefore, no additional software is required to run on all current web browsers. As Flash has fallen into disrepute because of safety concerns and is not suitable for mobile devices due to its performance-consumption, HTML5/CSS3 based animations are the optimal alternative.

All elements of a website, such as text boxes, buttons, menus, images can be animated. All these elements are indeed only two-dimensional rectangles, but that can be placed and moved in 3D space. For example you can make a rotating cube, on whose side faces are the contents. Or a ring of video clips, shown from the perspective of your camera defined in CINEMA 4D, which may be also animated. By the way: The elements on the animated faces remain fully functional, i.e. links, buttons, menus etc. work as usual.

New in Version 2.0

The main innovations are the opportunities for interactivity. As an alternative to static, linear animations, you can now define different object states as styles using the timeline. These styles can be applied to the objects at the occurance of any browser event e.g. mouse clicks or touch events, the transition from the current to the new object state is animated on the basis of key interpolations.

Additionally, cylenders and discs are supported now and new display options like borders and alpha masks are available.

  • You can use your favorite 3D application to create animated contents for the web.
  • The exported project is completely based on standards, so any modern browser can show your animations without any plug-in or add-on.
  • The transformations are executed natively and thus are very performant. This enables elaborated interactive 3d presentations for local kiosk applications.